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Betfair has spent two years developing a robust system to allow bets to be placed at its own SP.

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As a result, three extra columns will soon be added to its display for every win market on its British and Irish racing service: one for bets on a horse at the Betfair SP, one for "lay" bets against it at SP, and a "guide" price in the middle showing what the SP is likely to be. The SP market and the normal exchange market will be separate, in an attempt to ensure that it is extremely difficult to manipulate the SP. Betfair also hopes to offset any reduction in overall liquidity - which is vital to any exchange - by attracting new clients.

The Betfair SP, derived from a market with a negligible profit margin, will allow punters to make a direct comparison between the bookmakers' odds and those on offer on the exchange.

The Best Sports Betting Tips

SP bets will have some differences from "normal" bets on Betfair. Whereas normal bets can be cancelled until the moment when a rival gambler accepts the other side of the bet, SP bets cannot be cancelled once placed. Punters can, however, specify a minimum price at which they are willing to back, and a maximum price for lay bets. Although some will suggest that horse racing betting systems are simply a myth, this isn't true.

The problem betting systems often have is that people wrongly assume that they are a magical sure-fire way to make money. The reality, however, is that these "systems" are nothing more than techniques for picking out value in the market. If you peel back the layers and blow through the bluster, any horse racing system is a great way to guide your selections when you want to ante-up. With this in mind, we've broken down some of the more effective horse racing betting systems you can use to increase your EV.

However, before we get into the ways in which you can pick a winner, it's important to outline the two main methods of expressing odds in the betting world.


Depending on where you are in the world and the race that's taking place, the expression of odds will come in one of two forms:. Fixed Odds Betting: In the virtual world, the majority of horse racing betting sites use the fixed odds system. With a fixed odds bet, the payout for a winning wager is agreed at the time a bet is placed and will not change.

Best horse racing sites in US (12222 list)

Parimutuel Betting: In contrast to the fixed odds system, some sites will also offer the Parimutuel odds method. Although less common in Europe than it is in other parts of the world, this style of horse racing betting is controlled by a 'tote' system which takes into account all money in the betting pool and determines the payout odds of winning bets once the house's cut is removed.

Essentially, Parimutuel betting differs from fixed odds betting in that the final payout is not set until the betting pool is closed. Now we've cleared that up, the next thing to do is outline some simple horse racing betting systems that you can use to enhance your chances of success in the iGaming arena.

To lay a horse in the sports betting arena means you are essentially betting against a runner. To use this system, you first need to find a race that has ten or more runners.

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Once you've found a suitable race, the key to this system is identifying the three favourites and checking out their odds. Once you've found the top three prospects in the race, you then need to pick out the runners that have odds of between 3. This means a lay bet i. Another horse racing betting system that has a good chance of success is the beaten favourite method.

Horse Race Betting - Tips For Becoming A Betting Master - Thrillist

When a horse is highly touted but beaten in a race, the weight of public opinion often flows against them in the next race. As the wave of betting flows against the beaten favourite, the bookmakers are naturally forced to increase their odds on that runner. Anyone that's experienced in the horse racing world will know that even the best horses can lose; regardless of how skilled they are. Because of this, it's easy to look past a single, unexpected, loss and ante-up on a beaten favourite.

Indeed, because the horse will have better odds than it normally would, it then makes this strategy a viable long term proposition because whenever a horse is underpriced i.

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For the mathematically inclined, one of the best horse racing betting system is the Dutching method. In a nutshell, this strategy basically ensures that when you bet on a selection of horses, you will make the same amount of money in each instance, regardless of the overall winner.

Although the route to this goal involves some calculations, the overall premise is relatively simple.

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In fact, if you look online you'll find a myriad of calculators that will do a lot of the hard work for you. At this point you need to pick out two of the top three ranked horses with fairly generous odds.